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  • Alexander Robinson

Bringing Chicago Style to the Sault

As many have seen and heard another pizza place is come to the area! For some, this is exciting for others it leaves the question, "Really? Another pizza place?" According to the business owner, Justin Fisher, this isn't just any pizza shop in the Sault, this is special. His goal is to bring genuine Chicago Style pizza to the north with a locally owned business, using locally sourced goods and products.

Though his business hadn't even broke ground yet, the concept had many people excited and started a great social media following locally. People were talking before a location has been picked, people were excited. Through the help of Josh Billington at the SBDC and Justin Knepper at the DDA, North of Chicago Pizza has been able to go from a concept to the real deal.

Justin plans to bring not only the traditional, or more commonly known Chicago Deep-Dish Style but also hand tossed, and it doesn't just stop with pizza, sandwiches, pasta, and salads are just some of the planned dishes for North of Chicago Pizza. Two sandwiches in particular are the cornerstone of North of Chicago Pizza, the Italian beef and the cudighi to bring a traditional and local style to the sandwich offerings. With those products, Justin will also be offering delivery services, curb-side pickup, and online ordering. He will also be working with the Laker Discount program for LSSU students and joining in on the USCG Vinyl Program, like many businesses in the area!

On the economic side of things, North of Chicago Pizza will start by looking to hire about 10 people and will join the approximately six other pizza places in the Sault, and as said previously, the goal is to bring something that is not in the area yet and bring a locally owned and locally sourced business to the Sault. You can be the judge on whether it truly is something special when they open, tentatively in late October. Follow them on Facebook, and Instagram @NorthofChicagoPizza and on Twitter @NorthofChicago. Also check them out on their website at

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