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The Sault SmartZone: open for (your) business

The Sault SmartZone currently has spaces available for start-up companies in the Sault Ste. Marie region. Located at 2345 Meridian Street, the SmartZone houses the Sault EDC and is one of 21 locations across the state that serve as business incubators for start-ups and small businesses, providing Michigan-based entrepreneurs with the space and resources to grow their company under the guidance of local economic developers and business experts. Alumni of the Sault SmartZone include the Wicked Sister, Capstone Leadership Solutions, UP North Wilderness, and Quansor. Current tenants include Osprey Technologies, Omni Metalcraft, I2P, DPenz Tech Consulting, SIS Manufacturing, Cardinal Plumbing, and Norpro.

Norpro moved to the SmartZone in 2018.

Michigan's SmartZone program began in 2005. Each zone is a hub of technological development and entrepreneurship, offering resources to help guide entrepreneurs to the realization of their endeavors and provide a local launchpad for business. These centers also foster collaborations between business owners, universities, government entities, industry, and the community. SmartZone tenants have unique access to community partnerships, business workshops, and networking opportunities.

All businesses housed within the Sault SmartZone have 24/7 access to full office amenities, including a conference room, reception area, high-speed internet, and their own private office. Leases are designed with small businesses in mind ⁠— rates are reasonable and leases are tailored to suit business needs. Current availabilities include both furnished offices and light manufacturing space.

An example of available office spaces.

“The Smartzone team has helped me with everything from securing a very respectable office space and large industrial shop space to face-to-face introductions with the local, state and federal leaders, as well as businesspeople throughout the region,” said Allan Watson, who began his tenancy at the SmartZone when Norpro moved in during the summer of 2018. “The Smartzone team has supported me with administrative duties, coaching and mentorship, LSSU internships, job postings, and much more.”

In addition to leases for long-term occupancies, the SmartZone also provides “coworking” space that is ideal for freelancers, remote workers, and individuals who travel frequently for work. “Coworking” allows individuals to utilize SmartZone space on a drop-in basis hourly, daily, or weekly depending on their schedules. Current rates are $10/hour, $25/day, or $80/week.

For more information on taking your business to the SmartZone, or to schedule a tour, please contact the EDC at (906) 635-9131 or e-mail Genevieve Smith at

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