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Sault Ste. Marie EDC Welcomes Superior Additive Manufacturing

The Sault Ste. Marie Economic Development Corporation is pleased to welcome Superior Additive Manufacturing, S.A.M to the SmartZone. Samantha Campbell, the owner of S.A.M. is full of knowledge and excitement about her start-up.

"Superior Additive Manufacturing originated due to the fact that I love technology. I started to get into building my own custom devices (think mini PCs, etc.) and realized the best way to really tie all of it together was fabricating custom housings for the electronics. I ended up not doing a whole lot of that, but just having the experience of making one or two custom items naturally led to printing items on demand for other people. I found that my machining background was a great complement to additive manufacturing, because even though one is removing material and the other is adding - the principles of quality and precision are the same" said Samantha.

SAM is a 3D printing company that can also offer design services. Currently they can print anything up to just over 8x8x8 (or 220x220x220 in mm) in single color PLA. They will be offering other material options in the near future, and long term hope to be able to do larger objects. If you provide a .stl file, they can print it!

Samantha also works full time as a CNC programmer/Journeyman Machinist at Precision Edge. There, she focuses on grinding and laser etching, but has a wide variety of experience in most areas of manufacturing. She has also worked on assembly lines, in fast food, and customer service. "I attended Western Michigan University for a few years in the late 2000s, but ultimately found school wasn't for me. I have ADHD and just can't stand being idle, and school felt stifling and as if it were a never-ending process of learning things I wasn't actually going to use. It's really not for everyone! Luckily, manufacturing (or machining) is a field you don't need a degree in. It wasn't necessarily something I ever thought I'd be good at, but I'm very thankful I found it" Sam discussed.

Samantha has lived all over Michigan, but currently calls the scenic Barbeau area home.

S.A.M is mostly in her office at the SmartZone from 4pm to 7pm Monday through Thursday. You can reach S.A.M by phone (text or call) at 906-265-8385, or by email ( For more information on S.A.M. please visit:

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