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  • Alexander Robinson


I would like to welcome you to the official blog for the Sault Ste. Maire Economic Development Corporation (MI). This will be used to deliver long form information from our various social media platforms when the short nature of social media does not fully tell the story we are trying to put out there. One of the many things we will be using this blog for, in the beginning, is a weekly showcase of an area business. This will include photos, questions about the services and products, and for some of our older businesses, the history. This will be an exciting opportunity for those within the community to learn a little more about a local business while also exposing new members of our community to businesses they may not have visited otherwise.

We want to hear your business' story, we want you to have a chance to reach a larger audience, and we want the community to know what you do and what makes your business special. We have already started reaching out to businesses to start this, and we continue we will reach out to more. In the mean time, you may contact myself at or via phone at (906) 635-9131 to add your business to the ever growing list. The earlier you contact me the better, since this is weekly it could take months to get your business showcased, if you wait too long.

We hope you enjoy the content we are bringing and we hope this will help continue the growth of Sault Ste. Maire.

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