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Eye on the ball: a spotlight on TN Michigan, LLC

One of the 12 businesses housed within the Sault Ste. Marie Industrial Park, TN Michigan, LLC. is part of century-old, international manufacturing legacy that began right here in the state.

In 1913 Leander J. Hoover founded the Hoover Steel Ball Company of Ann Arbor. Through the years, the company expanded, acquiring similar manufacturing operations and partnering with others as well. The Hoover Steel Ball Company later became Hoover Ball and Bearing Company, and then the Hoover Group. In 1990, Tsubaki Nakashima LTD. acquired assets of the Hoover Group’s ball products division and became HOOVER PRECISION PRODUCTS, INC., a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary. While the name may have changed and the times as well, what’s important has remained: the company’s commitment to quality products for all customers.

TN Michigan LLC. started in 1968 in Saline, Michigan when Ultraspherics Inc. was founded. They moved to Sault Sainte Marie in 1978 and were purchased by Hoover Precision Products, INC. in 1983 to become Hoover Precision Products, LLC.

Today, Tsubaki Nakashima has 20 plants that span across three continents, and the company specializes in ball products that have various applications in medicine, the automotive industry, and aerospace (to name only a few). Four are in the U.S: one in Georgia, two in Tennessee, and the other, TN Michigan, LLC. right here in Sault Ste. Marie.

At the Michigan Plant, production is focused on medical components and as well as balls for inkjet printing, pumps, and the automotive industry. With yearly sales of $16 million, TN Michigan, LLC. has continued as a thriving part of the Sault Ste. Marie economy since its arrival in 1978.

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