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  • Alexander Robinson

The Many Bens of Computer Repair

Wise Owl Technologies started out in a garage in 1997. Unlike many of the businesses that started in a garage that we hear of nowadays, this started in the Upper Peninsula that many of us call home. They began as a simple computer repair shop dedicated to bringing quality services to their community. Wise Owl operated out of Engadine until 2003 when it closed due to staffing issues. In 2007, the son of Wise Owl's former owner (also Wise Owl's former computer tech) opened his own computer repair shop, BL Computers, in Newberry. In 2010, BL Computers and Wise Owl became one and relocated to the Sault, under the original name Wise Owl Computers. Soon, they outgrew their office space and relocated to their current location on Osborn.

Wise Owl Technologies is owned and operated by the founders son, both of whom are named Ben. Additionally, they have many employees, several also share the name Ben. Together they offer computer repair, peripheral devices (mice, keyboards, etc.), computer cables, computer parts, website hosting and building, tech training, and they continue to add services as demand increases. Since being in the Sault, two other computer repair businesses have shut down. When asked why they felt these businesses failed while their business continues to succeed, they said it may be because of the variety of services and the competitive pricing they offer. To this day, those two simple ideas are what they feel continues to make them special in the area.

Recently, Wise Owl has been working with Josh Billington from the SBDC to better understand the business aspect of things. They know how to fix computers, but through Josh's help, they have been able to better run the business side of things without having interrupt the service they provide to their customers. With a wide array of technological services, its a quick and easy call to see if Wise Owl is able to assist. For more information on Wise Owl Technologies check them out on Facebook @wiseowlcomputers or at the website at

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